How long will it take?

Instock designs will be mailed out within 1-3 days after order is being placed. "customise for me" orders will take 2-3 weeks for it to be made!

Why can i feel the bumpy flowers?

The flowers used are all natural flowers, pressed and preserved. Some flowers may be a bit thicker than others hence the bumpy texture. However, this does not affect the lifespan of the phone case.

Is the casing Hard or Soft?

For most cases, we have it both hard and soft
(We will be changing all our cases to a hard base w soft bumper for all newer models ) 

Will my case turn yellow after awhile?

For hard cases, it will remain transparent throughout it's lifespan (good if you want the transparent aesthetic to last)

For soft cases, it will turn slightly yellow after a few months of heavy usage.

For our new case, its pretty much covers it all!

Why does my phone case not look like the one in the picture?

Each case is made individually by hand and there are no 2 cases that will ever look the same. well, isn't that the beauty of it?